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Seafarers / Oil and Gas

Variety of Medicals We Offer


We offer marine medical certificates and supporting letters to seafarers who have made an application, and who are fit for sea service (with or without limitations) or unfit, in accordance with the established standards for seafarer fitness.  

In this regard,   

we offer






All of these medicals will require several specific measurements and tests which we are capable and equip to do. 


Turn around time ranges from 3 hours to 3 days


Different medicals require different preparation and have different costs.

Kindly call us on 226-2687 for more information.

Standard Tests We Offer Include

  1.  Tuberculosis Screening & Management

  2. Drug & Alcohol Testing 

  3. ECG

  4. Chest X-Ray

  5. Visual acuity & Color Vision tests.

  6. Labs: Urinalysis, FBS, Blood Group, AIC, Lipids, BUN, etc.

  7. Audiometry, to standards defined in BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010, and British Society of  Audiology Recommended Procedure for Pure-tone air-conduction threshold audiometry, with and without masking.  

  8. Chester  Step Test to ascertain this evaluation of a higher level of physical fitness than standard offshore workers for the determination of VO2 max.

  9. Spirometry is a test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).   It measures how much air a worker can breathe out in one forced breath.  

  10. Peak  Flow to measure the average peak expiatory flow based on the worker’s height and age.

  11. Hand Grip Strength Test

  12. Appropriate relevant clinical examination, which includes an assessment of dental health.

  13. Additional tests if indicated.



Dr. Ravindra Shiwnandan MBBS, Th.M., D.Min

 Registration: Guyana Medical Council – Full Registration since 1996 - # 2040

Approved by Maritime Coastguard Agency as company doctor to offer ENG1 Certificates since 2010 

Registered with Oil & Gas UK – OGUK # 2018/2550

Registered with Vanuatu Medical Services Ltd. – MLC2006-VMSL 

ACOEM Trained Medical Review Officer

Member of the American College of Gastroenterology since 1998

Member of Association of West Indian Gastroenterologists since 1998

Dr. Michelle Shiwnandan MBBS, MSc.Psy., D.Min.

Registration: Guyana Medical Council – Full Registration since 1996 - # 2039

Registered with Oil & Gas UK – OGUK # 2018/2551

Registered with Vanuatu Medical Services Ltd. – MLC2006-VMSL 

Member of Association of West Indian Gastroenterologists since 1998

Member of Guyana Psychological Association

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DSCI ISO: 9001:2015 Scope


Dr. Shiwnandan’s Clinic Inc. of lot 254 Thomas Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana, South America, specializes in providing quality medical assessments and certification of Oil & Gas personnel and other Seafarers.


Design and development Clause 8.3

Dr. Shiwnandan’s Clinic Inc. does not design and develop any services offered to the customer.

DSCI Quality Policy


Dr, Shiwnandan’s Clinic Inc. provides quality preventive and curative health care services to all customers (patients, doctors, employees, and other stakeholders) on time.

Our employees are empowered through continuous education and training.

Our customer’s needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled to meet their satisfaction.

We endeavor to continually improve our services by building strong relationships internally and with our interesting parties.

We comply with local and international best practices in the health care industry, including the ISO: 9001: 2015 Standard.

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